Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lamont Peterson has a Hometown Advantage in DC Against Amir Khan

Amir Khan will defend his WBA and IBF junior welterweight titles against Lamont Peterson on December 10 on HBO, and if he's successful, it will be his final fight before a move to the welterweight division. Much of the pre-fight hype is in that direction: What's next for Amir Khan?

But Lamont Peterson is a legitimate contender, and no pushover. He'll also have home field advantage in Washington D.C., and hopes that will put him over the top.

"It’s a dream come true for me. I’ve dreamt about this day many, many times. Just attending the big fights, I would go home and go back to the gym and just wish that one day I would get my opportunity. Well, this is my chance right here to win two world titles here in my hometown.

"I’m sure Khan will be training hard to defend his titles, but I’ll be training even harder to protect my home turf," said the 27-year-old contender.

But Peterson is also expecting a good turnout of British fans coming across the pond to support Khan.

"I don’t think he chose to fight in D.C. because he’s overlooking me or anything like that. I know that a lot of his people will be here, because I’ve fought on his cards in Vegas, and they come all the way to Vegas. So I know they have no problem taking a little quick plane ride over here.

"Hopefully, we buy the tickets before they [Khan fans] come over and buy them, and they can be all my people and none of his. So the crowd can be loud, live and hyping me up and hopefully getting on his nerves."

Khan's team is expecting very strong support from traveling fans.

"We estimate about four to five thousand U.K. fans will make the trip to D.C., and with the support of worldwide fans and local boxing fans, I think Richard [Schaefer] will be very happy," said Asif Vali of Khan Promotions.

"This is the perfect city for this fight. We are happy and very excited to bring such a significant world championship bout to the District," said Schaefer.

"We want Washington to come out in big numbers and support this great fight card so we don't have to wait another 18 years for HBO to come back here for another boxing match."

Source: Khan vs Peterson: Peterson Happy, Hopeful For Hometown Advantage in D.C.


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